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She's a
Sunday, March 30, 2008
it is a terrible crime to be blogging close to 10, when you still have tons of tutorials to finish.

But heck with it.

"it's better to have love and lost, then never to have loved at all"...

it sucks when she puts it like that...

I love this picture, it's just so artistic and spastic and such a mess of nonsense that no one is nonsensical enough to judge.. i am making sense right?

K last sat...i went to CCA branch to do the runs..i had the runs before i did the runs , cuz i had too much chili for dinner the night before... my ass was smoking.

NYJC held their Sport Carnival at CCA branch too! So i got to see LOUIS! YAY! haha..

& Ting Yi , Jeremy , Mao Mao , Marven , Kenelm , i think that girl was Wei Qi from 4/5 , but i'm not too sure, O and i saw Christine too but she didn't see me.. i think that's all i saw.

Then i went to SGCC to "play" squash with Bryan, but turns out Menon , Choon , Zi Hui , and Bryan's friend was there too... I think we were like the loudest , craziest bunch of people at the SG hawker centre.. O and mom's not suppose to know i went out.

So much work to do...

Friday: Insane GP lesson; laughed till jaws ache. Ms Maryam is such a comedian.

ms maryam:What do you call a family of rulers?

Class: Monarchy

Bryan: dynasty

ms maryam: Bryan you think what? Pang Dynasty ah?

And i drew all over some people's hands, but since i didn't have a camera , i couldn't take any pics...sad right? Can't witness my artistic flair at destroying people's hands.



{ 6:45 AM }

All i wanna do is dance like there's no tomorrow
Saturday, March 22, 2008
YAY this was 3/6'06..HAHA...happy class!
Unfortunately i wasn't as photogenic as i would have liked to be... but if I'm not wrong this was teacher's day..i think....In case you were wondering who the weird guy with the horrible hair and extra large smile on the left is..that's me...yeap. I think that was sec 3, with my bald good friend LOUIS! haha!
This was Last Year at the prize presentation during Singapore Science and Engineering Fair at the Biopolis!
The tall dark and not very handsome guy on the left is AJAY! KIDDING...HANDSOME LAH AJAY...HANDSOME...handsome until all the cleaner aunties chasing after him with mops and detergent .
The GUY in the middle is GORDON! Cannot say his handsome cause later someone (cough cough) might come and whack me..haha. Thanks Gor for making me look taller!
The last and least photogenic person is me...i've no idea whats wrong...i always look weird in pictures i have to pose in...the candid ones turn out just fine...stupid camera.

This was halloween. No, not because i was in the picture and it scared the daylight out of you but really we celebrated halloween. Though we aren't really suppose to. But we just ate lots of stuff and some of us dressed up. As you can see we were actually supposed to look at the moon, hence the lack of faces facing the camera..but some people just didn't like having their sides they still faced the front...haha kidding! you guys were just plain blur. I know the truth hurts.

I was bored so i dug up some old pics..the one above i used for bio project
I got this in an email ..same for the banana dolphin below

I still like this picture. I used in before on the blog..


{ 6:48 AM }

I won't ho home without you!
Wednesday, March 19, 2008
I just had some alcoholic drink.

Now my face is as red as a baboon's backside and my heart is beating real fast!

woooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my whole neck is red too

Today was the 32nd Student Council introduction for TJ.

Personally i've never really liked council, so other then my friends and some funny people i'll probably not vote for the rest...

My class is cool.

But i think we need to go for another outing , cause everyone is kinda "sian" these days what with test and tutorials......

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

I like naked people!

HAHA oh no i think i'm really drunk...



I love me...oh so much!

OOOO i think my ass is red too.

NOBODY EVER LISTENS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


{ 4:44 AM }

Sunday, March 16, 2008
I have to do 4 pages of intelligent discussion on 'Polictical Apathy" amongst youth.

And this is what i found:

Intelligent right?


{ 5:12 AM }

Everything like shadows around you
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
a. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
b. Tag seven people to do the same.
c. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it".

1) I talk to God in my head
2) I smell everything , my food, my clothes , my mom
3) I'm a sucker for emo songs (especially those can actually hurt you)
4) There is a stuff toy alien with the word " don't worry be happy " sitting on my desk, with my alarm clock sitting on it's lap
5) I like dancing
6) I can't dance
7) I wanna wear contacts

I tag...Kristy!
Fang Xiong!
ehh 2 more....
AJAY! ( haha u 've to do this somehow w/o a blog...haha)
The last is for anyone who thinks they are sexy! haha

You know what really irritates me.
If God didn't want me to do something than why on earth did it get stuck in my head.
And it's not an evil thing or anything.
Now i just seem to dread track training.
I know i'm complaining and sound so ungrateful, i should already be thankful that God put me into TJ.
But imagine in MJ i might have been able to do what i wanted to do.
Sometimes i wonder if the appeal descision was right.
It was definately worth the while to get back with my class.
It's just that i cannot seem to let it go. I wanted it so badly!



{ 4:43 AM }

O so close
Sunday, March 9, 2008
i don't know what to blog about...

haha.. feel like posting more music videos but i think people might strangle me after that.

In an act to preserve my sanity i decided to go out on Saturday, played squash, swam..then i fell sick today..HAHA

I was down for duty today.

By duty i mean helping out in the kindergarten class in Church.

Not participating but teaching.

Please don't doubt my maturity.

I was actually getting rather bored of teaching , because some of the older kids had left for P1 and the class was less lively.
So i prayed for a fun lesson today.

And during the welcome time, which is basically play time , i got attacked by the kiddies!


I was trying to stick plasters on their noses, because we were playing doctor..
HAHA then they attack me with bandages and fun.

I miss the kinda of madness i had in 4/6.
Why i can just laugh randomly , and do stupid stuff... like stone and make fun of zhi' an, or irritate fiona , or bully marven.. hahaha...

The madness i left behind.

Half of that was you.


{ 7:32 AM }