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Sunday, August 19, 2007
Is there a minimum quota of blogging one has to fulfil before the blog reaches a stage where it is defined as "stagnating"?

I really don't know what to blog about, life is miserable , that you already know.
And it's about to get even more miserable.....(that's a lil' secret i let you on)

Oral this Friday. Pracs and language papers next next week.
$4$ weeks to Non-language subject prelims , please be reminded to torture yourselves during the September holidays.

We've of all things "SS" to start with, followed by A maths ,
E maths ,
Lit ,
E maths again ,
history ,
and then lit again.

The papers barely last two weeks.....

Don't you think that nice people should get to be loved by the people that they love?
I'm not talking about me, I know I'm the last person with the double slash on the list of nice people. (not to mention the various vulgarities scrawled over my name)

I'm just trying to understand why the nice people usually don't get the girl/guy they like , mostly girl , cause i don't know whether nice girls get nice guys , or whether they wanted nice guys in the first place and ended up with the nice guys , which should make them nice girls or not depending on whether the nice guy that they liked was a real nice guy or just one which they thought was nice and wasn't really nice when they weren't being nice to the girl that they thought was nice.

Just managed successfully to confuse me is I.

Mrs Goh called Wei An a "Georgy Porgy" in class.

i found the nursery rhyme on it:

Georgy Porgy, pudding and pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
When the boys came out to play,
Georgy Porgy ran away.
Basically that was really nasty and makes " walking with dinosaurs" seem perfectly innocent, and hence I've managed to make myself feel not guilty!
Good job Ben!
I wanted to do a list on how the first letter of the name influenced the whole name but i found this hilarious pseudonym list to replace my fetish
  1. A.S. Muncher
  2. Anita B. Jainow
  3. Anita Dick
  4. Anita Dickenme
  5. Anita Hanjaab
  6. Anita Hardcok
  7. Anita Head
  8. Anita Hoare
  9. Anita Naylor
  10. Annie Position
  11. Anya Neeze
  12. Ben Derhover
  13. Ben O. Verbich
  14. Colin Forsecs
  15. Dick Long
  16. Dixie Normous
  17. Dixie Rect
  18. E. Jack Ulayte
  19. E. Norma Scock
  20. E. Rex Sean
  21. Eric Shun
  22. Fawn Dillmiballs
  23. Harry A. Nuis
  24. Harry Azcrac
  25. Harry P. Ness
  26. Helda Dick
  27. I. Yankit
  28. I.C Yadick
  29. Ima Homeau
  30. Ima Hoare
  31. Ima Reilly Cumming
  32. Issac Dick
  33. Ivana Fuccu
  34. Ivana Hafsechs
  35. Ivanna B. Spanked
  36. Justin Hermouf
  37. Liz Bien
  38. Master Bates
  39. Moe Lester
  40. Otto B. Astripper
  41. P. Nisenvi
  42. Pat Hiscock
  43. Phil T. Rottencrotch
  44. Ron Chee
  45. Shara Dick
  46. Stacy Rect
  47. Stella Virgin
  48. Tara Dickoff
  49. Vye Agra
  50. Vye Brator
  51. Wayne Kerr

from (

This one is just cute :
Amanda Hugankiss
Amanda Love
Amanda Yellatt
Study hard people
All the best
God bless


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Monday, August 6, 2007
My previous post was a misunderstanding , ignore it!


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