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Grad Ball Photos
Friday, November 23, 2007
Before you start browsing through this entry for your face, please read the previous entry thank you
As you know photogenic and ben do not occur in the same sentence.So try not to laugh when you see me in the photos

Ming Chien , Jia Hao and Geng an(with the spaz look on his face)

Elia looking cool with Jen and Priya

Me and lyana

Gordon , menon , mua and Ms Sek(who was the teacher ic for our sci-project)


Me , ajay , taufiq and Gordon.
Unfortunately there is no proper explanation for the constipated look on my face.

4/6 guys and mdm wong (looking serene ).

I can't rotate this pic , so u've just gotta tilt your head.
Zhi An clinging onto marvern...don't ask.

Gary , Darren , Wei An , Ming Han and Ting Yi looking good!

Lets just close one eye on this one.
Dhevi and Hai Huang!

Halloween returns early...

Wei Jie and Calvin , the cowboys

Love? knows no bounds?

Zhi Ling , Liyi , yi Min , yi Teng , KIMI , Fiona , SYmira , See Peng , ELI

Non spastic shot of me and Huda!

Spastic me with fiona.

Bryan and Marvern

Guys And Mrs Poh

The One The Only Louis!

Mary had a little..peter?

Strike a pose gentlemen
Choon And Gordon

{ 5:53 PM }

Really long time since i updated.

Hols have been a stupendous amount of fun, but i find it rather meaningless , almost as though i want to go back and study.

Well that's life isn't it , it's all about balance.

Let me just try and recollect what I've done.
Uh seriously what have i done?

Yesterday . i went to try and in-line skate with Louis , Ajay , Fiona , Symira and Jia Wen.
I use the word "try" , obviously because my attempts were unsuccessful.
Fortunately no photographs were taken of me in my attempt to skate , because i sort of pictured myself as an alcoholic gone wrong , on wheels....
I did learn though that the "G*** Guider" (this is the part where i get the killer stare from syamira) instinct not exactly reliable.

Thurs.....was kinda sad , my younger bro got his PSLE results , not exactly fantastic , but i believe God has a plan for him , and this was part of his plan, so let thy will be done!

Weds, i was literally driven over the edge with boredom , i decided to ask Bryan to go to the gym with me at Orchid Country Club.
We waited for the stupid shuttle service for close to ten minutes and then when it came , a whole team of Cat High Bowlers rushed into the bus...So we were both standing there with the"WTF" look on our faces.
We took the train down to khatib , we were at yishun before , and walked all the way into OCC.
By the time we reach there we were huffing ,puffing , panting , sweating.
So we went in to eat.
HAHA nah! Joking lah!
So we were like fooling around with all the machines until everything ache, and the lady at the counter kept giving us the warning stare , haha it was spastic. We went down again on friday after my falling exercise , now i can't feel my feet and my boobs. Wait i have boobs?

The rest of the week was watching movies and stuff.

OK lets zoom back all the way to...grad balll.
The food was ok and stuff but i didn't really eat much , too worried about the dance that Azzizi , Fiona , Eli , Yi Teng , Jen Lee and I were gonna put up.
Ow yeah wait, must add something first , when i first got my grad ball stuff , i thought they were very expensive , i got a white shirt thing , and pants , cost about close to 150 , but when i arrived at grad ball i felt so under dressed LOL , cause people were turning up in suits with jackets and stuff , HAHA IT WAS PRETTY COOL!
And speaking of pretty there were lots of pretty girls that night!
They should rename grad ball night as cam-whoring night because that was what everyone seemed to be doing....
OK the performance supposedly was ok , but after watching the video , i had to disagree , i think everyone was good , i was the only clown. minute and ten seconds of shame.....
HAHA , none-the-less i wanna thank everyone who so sportingly join the performance , fiona and eli for coming up with the idea and Sharifah and Jen Lee for teaching us.
OK I'll upload the photos now.


{ 5:28 PM }

Mindless rambling
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
It's kinda weird and tiring.
When you don't have anything to do.
Anyway O levels is the biggest scam ever.
The papers are totally unlike what i imagined ; easy yeah ; but it's not necessary that i'll do well , since you know the bell curve thing....

It really feels weird to have absolutely nothing to do.

Hasn't anyone ever thought of what happens after they die?
Or like make plans about it?

More mindless rambling.
O wells there is still chem and Bio paper one on monday and tues!

All the Best PeopLe


{ 6:11 AM }