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What hurts the most - Rascal Flatts
Wednesday, January 23, 2008

IT'S SUPER NICE- EMOLY NICE! OW and i think it's a christian band!

{ 3:43 AM }

Friday, January 18, 2008
My CG is wacky!
There is the singing guy!
The Carrot man guy!
The math notes guy!
And the absent guy!
The labelling for the last guy was not very nice but i could not really think of anything else.

We had swimming today.

Just that one sentence can drive your imagination wild can't it?

haha, it was kind of lame , we swam one lap and then just sat there and watch other people swim past. and then they grade you into intermediate and beginner , and if you are Pro, advance.

and the singing guy in my class , whose name is Jun Hao , actually his name is Benjamin, but no one calls him that , for some reason.. yeah anyway..

I'ts quite cool , this didn't occur to me until he told me. Because during orientation , i met him in the canteen under the weirdest circumstances. And then a week later we're in the same CG(civics group) , it just means class...

Yeah talk about coincidences.
I was not shortlisted for squash, damn sad lah!
want to emo in one corner , but I know that usually when God doesn't give me what i want , despite wanting it so badly , it can only mean that he has something better in stored for me, which he did , on the day i found out i was not in squash , i had prior arrangements to go for track and field.

that's what i thought too...and like i was so fickle before the track training , i was thinking go lah.....don't malu so slow... to cut a long story short , i went and i enjoyed myself , though i'm not sure if i have legs anymore.....twas pretty interesting.

You know you tell yourself that you cannot possibly make as good friends as you have in secondary school , and then now that things are like this , and you actually find yourself making friends, and drawing closer to them , you wonder how you did answer to your former self....

Oh and this very nice IP guy in TJ who was in my OG , i met him like just before track training , and like i didn't have anyone to go with, so i just ask him to come , and he was like " OK LOh!"
haha! Thank you Fang Xiong! it really means alot to me, if you ever read this that is.

Do friends stray if they don't meet up , or does absence make the heart grow fonder?


{ 4:43 AM }

Sunday, January 13, 2008
I wonder if it was I
that made you sit in a corner
that made it awkward when you are near

I wonder if it was you
that made me afraid to tell her
that made it awkward when i was near

Author: Unknown

Your silence was a gentle answer
kept me puzzled
as to why it was louder than thunder
as i struggled
to imagine the harshness of your anger
your silence doubled?
your absence stronger?

It's fun to listen to emo songs ,with the rain as back up singers , doubling up as co writer of emo scribbling.
I'm bored. I'm mugging. correction : i think i'm mugging
I seem to be playing more than anything else.
I wanna try out for squash in TJ , but i'm kinda scared cuz i don't think i'm good enough , i've never tried out for a competitive sport before , when i put pressure on myself everything goes wrong , i get scared , i get stressed , i can't focus.

and everything falls apart.

Maybe i should stick with climbing, it is fun, really!
the sense of achievement is wonderful.
my forearms are aching.
i'm really tired.

JC life isn't that bad, maybe it's because i require something constructive in my life, but seriously i think meeting new friends , and studying with them , and then actually looking forward to CCA is a pretty fun life.

There's someone new
I hope it's true
I tell myself she's not like you
she was sent from above
like nothing on earth
I know
I know
Nothing hurts like love.

I should join some poetic club of emo writing or something.
I'm dumb. I'm stupid. I no longer understand the meaning of friends.
Don't give me definitions , because even i can cough up a whole chunk of them.
I want meaning get it! meaning!

It seems like everyone is so happy! It seems like everyone is one big family.
But i barely know anyone new.
You tell me make friends.
I question you what are friends?


{ 3:37 AM }

Daniel Bedingfield Honest Questions fanvid

Daniel Bedingfield didn't have a music video of this song, so i had to take a fan video

{ 3:36 AM }

Chipmunks: The Way I Are by Timbaland
Saturday, January 12, 2008


{ 6:23 AM }

Monrose - What You Don't Know (New Video)
Tuesday, January 8, 2008


{ 12:16 AM }

Saturday, January 5, 2008
It was sad that it had to come to an end! Defiantely enjoyed myself!
The cheering, the dancing , the performances. Yes dancing , i know most of you all are laughing in your seats right now but i found the dancing very fun despite looking like some moron on drugs....

My OG was very fun! OGLS too! Qutie sad lah....
4 days only.....
hopefully i'll see you guys around!


{ 9:56 PM }