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Last Fall
Wednesday, July 1, 2009
4 papers down 1 more to go.
Feels sort of weird, like what to do after the exams are over.
Study some more....?
Funny thing was during the preparation for JCTs, i could think of 10 other things i wanted to do right now, that was more important than studying but as i approach the end of JCT, just feels kinda lost.

Wanna go back to being me.
People change don't they?
But they don't have to.
Shouldn't have to


{ 5:55 AM }

Put those fingers where they should be
Thursday, June 4, 2009
Nothing quite contrast as well as,
black and white;
truth and lies;
day and night;
me and you


{ 1:57 AM }

The long boring post
Saturday, May 23, 2009
I always thought separate was spelt with an "E" in the middle and not an "A". As usual i'm blogging because i am suppose to be doing work. AKA: THE FACT THAT YOU ARE READING THIS IS EQUIVELENT TO YOU DISTRACTING ME, hence to conclude inconclusively i am talking absolute rubbish.Thank you for giving away 60 seconds of your life to processing the above statements.

It is clearly obvious that months of blogging, i mean not blogging, has not done much for my social skills as well as my spelling.I do not blog because i find it rather meaningless to rant about daily events, which is ironical since i have been doing that for my past few post. Interesting events tend to involve people subjected to some form of humiliation. This speaks volumes about my interest. Hence, it would best for me to not blog about interesting events. If you fear for my safety you did encourage me to persist in what I am doing, however it is clear that not everyone, few to be more precise, are as concerned about my safety as I am.

By now you should be close to falling asleep, since you have not been able to squeeze any information out of my post about the naughty things i have been doing. Technically that would not be true since one of my favourite naughty thing is to make people read my overly long boring post in my bad spelling in all it's glory.

I am 17 year old boring,b-rocrastinating,b-leepy,b-aughty,b-itchy Ben. Oops the last one was suppose to be itchy, as I have yet to perform what is known by most hygenic people as the time-wasting, temporal-odour-removing cleansing ritual: bathing. ;>


{ 7:04 AM }

Sunday, April 5, 2009
I HAVE RETURNED! AFTER A LONNNGG TIME! I NOW HAVE A FACE BOOK ACCOUNT THANKS TO MY FRIEND! Nothing much to blog about... haha. All the best to your studies!


{ 1:22 AM }

Living in Purity and Integrity
Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just finished the vertical marathon. 60 stories. FUN. HAHA. I want to thank God for seeing me through, and providing me with friends to finish it with.

Very encouraged by Padmini's comments, i shall post another poem i wrote in sec 3.

The Excuses for War


You insist!

To prevent war!

Nukes, claiming you saw!


I’ll avenge;

The silent dead!

Every single innocent head!


From occupation!

Ironically they claim:

Not under foreign reign!


Absolutely ridiculous,

Are your claims!

Money’s sake, inflicting pain!


Is lives!

Families are broken!

Sons taken, Homes forsaken!


All eyes!

On self profit

Manipulating facts as they see fit


And bribery!

We see lies,

Soon, this nation’s demise!


Unwilling gift!

Gold and ore!

Their nation’s pride sore!

These are the reasons for war!


{ 2:19 AM }

Monday, February 2, 2009


ROADRUN 2008! mE, rOUND, Pang

J1 PAE that is passed


{ 3:00 AM }

Monday, January 12, 2009
Lets welcome ME back!

Me Com was away for about a month.
Now it's back, and i wanted to share with you all some stuff i wrote in sec 3.
Feel free to comment.

This one's called [ My "parent" loves me!]

My “parent” loves me!

As a child

I never knew

How to answer

How to be true

About a particular question

“Do your parents love you?”

During lesson

Why or should I say who?

Was to blame

No one in particular

Maybe I’m just being lame

But the teacher

Placed me in a spot

A funny thought

Questioning myself a lot

“Do my parents love me or not?”

I stood up in class

Unable to answer

Finally at last

I managed to stutter

“I don’t have parents!’

“Liar!” they said!

“I don’t have parents!”

To me no attention was paid

After school

I went home crying

Looking like a fool

I wasn’t lying

Why didn’t they believe me?

When what I said was true

That night I asked Daddy

What happened after he said: “I do!”

“We had you, breaking up, we had to!”

I sobbed: “So do you love me?”

“Of course I do!”

The next day, no longer blue

I sat in class

The teacher asked me

I felt a must

To answer the question again

I tired to shout

My Daddy loves me

But it came out

As “my parent love me”

It was wrong

It sounded wrong

Now I knew

My parents love...that’s not true

I kinda was thinking about single parent kids, and whether or not they can be truly loved.

Do not mix this up with children who lose a parent due to natural causes, here my primary focus is on divorce.

Mutual consented parting from both parents.

I was just wondering if the child would be able to grasp a concept of my father/mother loving me yet not wanting to be with my dad and me/ my mom and me.

Which all the more emphasis the church's teaching against divorce.

But what if your spouse was abusive? Pray?

See..thats me...looking all emo against the sun rise.

Well another post for another day, i've posted my prose writings in another link...

oh the address:

Looking forward to your comments


{ 2:03 AM }